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Francia tras Garcia Luna Gerardo Fernandez

Author: Miguel Badillo Section: Office Paper in February 2011
France is about to sit at the Mexican justice in the dock. President Nicolas Sarkozy prepared a blow against Mexico and its dubious application of justice.
The Mexican judiciary is under threat, but this time there will be an internal affair, where government, police, judges and ministers may collude to violate the law and to infringe upon freedom and human rights.
This time, doubts about the honesty, transparency, accountability, ethics and truthfulness Mexican justice is an international issue, motivated, and scandalized by France to the implementation of the "law" against France's Florence Cassez, sentenced to 60 years in prison for kidnapping. How deny the enormous corruption of the Mexican judiciary, where judges, magistrates and even judges of the Supreme Court has shown its weakness against the political and economic power. Who can doubt the corruption in Mexico's judiciary, which, even more worrying is that the executive, as its decisions are life and liberty of thousands of Mexicans who are judged arbitrarily, to say the least? That Judiciary, which has long been unpunished in Mexico, today is judged by international public opinion, which is in France to his attorney of iron. These Mexican judges now know the other side of justice, a justice other than they are accustomed to practice and where it looks like it will go wrong delivered. These imparters "justice" have become an elite of "public servants" who, from the opulence built with money from the treasury and extortion, blackmail and bribery, accumulate judgments against the underprivileged, the poor and disadvantaged who can not defend or pay expensive law firms, and protect the haves: money willing offenders to corrupt those who judge them.
this has become in the Mexican justice system and court judges, magistrates and ministers, who are not willing to lose economic dispensations, no matter what it means to live submissive to presidential political power, which is in the judiciary a valuable ally to avoid judgments against him.
In Mexico, there are frequent violations of human rights, freedoms of speech and press, the unjust imprisonment of indigenous, peasant and social activists innocent, the legal protection of entrepreneurs fraudsters and money launderers, the complicity of bureaucrats corrupt. Therefore not difficult to France today to lay the Mexican justice and political power in the dock.
García Luna, in the sights of France
On instructions from the French President, the Office of that country investigating financial transactions that would have made the secretary of Public Security (SSP) Mexican Genaro Garcia Luna, in European countries. In Mexico, it also opened a file against him in the Financial Intelligence Unit, responsible for combating money laundering and terrorist financing, to determine whether the capital in their bank accounts in Mexico and abroad is illegal.
-confirmed information for various military sources, intelligence and civil-diplomatic status indicates that the investigations in France are made by the Office of that country (Ministère de la Justice et des Libertés) and the Office against Clandestine Financial Circuits (Traitement et du Renseignement Action contre les Circuits Financiers Clandestins) of the Ministère des Finances.

Cassez's lawyers have said he filed a criminal indictment against Garcia Luna in the French courts, and even President Sarkozy has threatened to take the case to international courts of human rights defenders.

In an interview, Charlotte Cassez mother of French citizen sentenced to 60 years in prison on charges of organized crime and kidnapping, the government confirmed that Gallo remains a political animosity with Mexican authorities, particularly with Secretary García Luna, and explains Nicolas Sarkozy has received about 10 times on what they consider "an assembly" of the Mexican Secretary of Public Security in against his daughter Florence.

"We feel that here is a power that we are passing completely. There is some level of corruption that is involved in drug trafficking. I do not know if the government, but with some people involved. García Luna is a real person important. In France, Mexico or outside, we hear that is even more important than Calderon, "says Charlotte.

Cassez's mother says that the French authorities carried out several investigations to secure the release or extradition of the young.

Research into financial transfers García Luna, conducted in Mexico and France are not the only questions concerning the fortune of the Secretary of Public Security.

24 September 2010, opposition lawmakers demanded a García Luna transparent source of financing for properties valued at an amount greater than the salary he receives as a public servant.

According to the Transparency Obligations Portal of the federal government's monthly gross perceptions holder SSP 122 amounted to 205 thousand pesos, consisting of basic salary of 32 thousand 813 dollars and guaranteed compensation of 172 thousand 308 pesos . Journalist

* Source: Contralínea 221 / February 20, 2011


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